荔枝视频成人app T moves to top spot in Maclean's ranking of medical-doctoral universities

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The 荔枝视频成人app has been ranked first in Canada by 惭补肠濒别补苍鈥檚 magazine in the research-intensive medical and doctoral category.

The annual ranking, released this week, saw 荔枝视频成人app T move up one spot in the important category 鈥 which ranks research-focused universities with a broad range of graduate-level programs, including PhDs 鈥 and tie for first place with Montreal鈥檚 McGill University.

荔枝视频成人app T was also ranked by 惭补肠濒别补苍鈥檚 as the Canadian school with the best overall reputation 鈥 a position it has occupied in the ranking for four straight years.

鈥淲e鈥檙e pleased to see the 荔枝视频成人app recognized for its strength in the medical and doctoral category,鈥 said 荔枝视频成人app T President Meric Gertler.

鈥淚n fact, in the major global university rankings, 荔枝视频成人app T is routinely ranked as one of the world鈥檚 top research-intensive institutions and in the top 10 public universities on the planet.鈥

荔枝视频成人app T鈥檚 performance in the 惭补肠濒别补苍鈥檚 2019 ranking in the medical and doctoral category was due to its first-place position in several key metrics, including faculty awards, medical and scientific grants and the total amount of research dollars it is awarded.

The University of British Columbia was ranked third in the same category, while Hamilton, Ont.鈥檚 McMaster University was ranked fourth.

The 惭补肠濒别补苍鈥檚 ranking was released on the same day as a global ranking of the world鈥檚 most innovative universities by information technology giant Thomson Reuters. That ranking saw 荔枝视频成人app T jump 11 spots to 35th in the world 鈥 and No. 1 in Canada 鈥 when it comes to advancing science and inventing technologies that 鈥減ower new markets and industries.鈥

Stanford University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University took the top three spots in the Reuters ranking, which was generally dominated by U.S. schools. The only other Canadian school to rank in the top 100 was UBC, which captured 61st place.

The Reuters innovation ranking is based on metrics like patent volume, patent citations and the number of scientific articles written in collaboration with industry. The global list is limited to universities that filed more than 70 patents to the World Intellectual Property Association during a five-year period.

One of the world鈥檚 top research universities, 荔枝视频成人app T is increasingly focused on moving its discoveries and knowledge out of the lab and into the real world. Since 2010, 荔枝视频成人app T has filed more that 400 patent applications and negotiated over 250 license agreements. It has also partnered with hundreds of corporations over the past decade and launched more than 500 startup companies that have collectively generated more than $1 billion in investment. 

Overall, 荔枝视频成人app T continues to be the highest ranked Canadian university and one of the world鈥檚 top-ranked public universities in the five principal international rankings: Times Higher Education, QS World Rankings, Shanghai Ranking Consultancy, U.S. News Best Global Universities and National Taiwan University.



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