荔枝视频成人app T renews five-year research partnership with LG

Renewed agreement emphasizes work on autonomous systems, computer architecture and responsible AI

Kim Byoung-hoon, chief technology officer and executive vice-president of LG Electronics, poses for a photo with 荔枝视频成人app T President Meric Gertler (photo courtesy of Ji Yong Lee/LG Electronics)

With a focus on advancing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence tools and methods while emphasizing AI responsible development, the 荔枝视频成人app and LG Electronics have renewed their multimillion-dollar collaborative research agreement for five more years. 

Under the renewed agreement, 荔枝视频成人app T and the global maker of TVs, home appliances, and beyond will build on their existing work in fundamental AI training methods, autonomous driving, health care, materials discovery and robotics. 

The new research will also delve into questions such as how to embed trustworthiness and ethics into AI frameworks and how to engineer responsible systems. 

鈥淲e are proud of the transformative impact of our partnership and we are excited to celebrate its renewal for the next five years,鈥 said 荔枝视频成人app T President Meric Gertler at a recent event in Seoul, noting that South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol visited 荔枝视频成人app T last year to learn more about AI research from luminaries such as Emeritus Geoffrey Hinton.

President Gertler added that the partnership 鈥渉as proved to be an amazing sandbox for innovation, collaboration and experimentation.鈥 

荔枝视频成人app T and LG first began working together in 2018, expanding their partnership the following year. The collaboration has fostered a mutually beneficial environment for innovation that so far involves 31 projects, 16 荔枝视频成人app T professors and two of the university鈥檚 three campuses.

鈥淲ith the strong partnership we have with the 荔枝视频成人app, we are one step closer to bringing changes to our customers鈥 lives with AI technologies,鈥 said Kim Byoung-hoon, chief technology officer and executive vice-president of LG Electronics. 鈥淟G will continue to collaborate with research institutes and industry innovators to solidify its leadership in AI to develop more efficient, safe and reliable solutions for our customers. 

鈥淥ur continued partnership with the 荔枝视频成人app is a testament to the power of collaborative intelligence in shaping a better future for all.鈥

President Gertler said LG 鈥渞eaches people around the globe鈥 from its headquarters in Seoul. 鈥淪o, for our scientists and engineers, collaborating with LG means making a difference in the daily lives of billions of people.鈥 

LG opened its Toronto AI Lab the same year it began working with the university. Supported by investment attraction agencies Invest Ontario and Toronto Global, the lab has served as a local window into LG鈥檚 global research and development priorities 鈥 including those involving 荔枝视频成人app T researchers.

For LG, the partnership with 荔枝视频成人app T gives its researchers opportunities to collaborate with world-class experts across a range of fields and to receive mentorship via an AI Specialist Program 鈥 a sort of 鈥渋nverted鈥 internship.

鈥淚n supporting our LG partnership over the last several years, I鈥檝e been continually impressed at the open-minded way in which LG has embraced the true spirit of collaboration,鈥 said Alex Mihailidis, 荔枝视频成人app T鈥檚 associate vice-president of international partnerships. 

鈥淭he projects have leveraged both technical know-how and deep subject matter expertise to truly take research beyond just the research lab.鈥 


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