Smart Intercom

Intercoms are messy in Italy. Pieces of papers glued all over it, with surnames of the new tenants written in pen, vanishing in the rain. Poor delivery guy, that has to find the right name on the list to call, not hear a thing because of the old speakers, and then get lost inside the building, since the surnames give no clue on which floor is the apartment located.

Inspired by this chaotic scenario, the group developed a smart intercom, with a QR code reader. The service company app (e.g. Foodora, Amazon etc) generates a code, that is scanned by the intercom, sending a message to the receiver’s phone, that gives access to the delivery man. Instructions for the location of the apartment are displayed on the screen. Also, the app allows the tenant to easily update the surname on the intercom. 

name step6.66.jpg