Mixed Reality Tennis

The aim of this academic studio project was to design an interactive and tangible product to interact with a sport tool and with a virtual space. After making a survey with players and interviewing a tennis instructor, we found out that the ability to predict the trajectory of the ball and to position yourself in order to hit the ball correctly are very important skills that a tennis player should be constantly improving. Our goal was to design a product that would help an intermediate tennis player practice these skills at home.

Our project consist in two products: a racket-shaped controller, that captures the movements of the arm and gives feedback through lights and vibration; and a mat, that senses the positioning of the feet and gives feedback through vibration. A Kinect system was proposed with a working app developed in Unity. Both products were meticulously build in Solidworks, with all the technical details. A working prototype was tested during the final presentation.


Final Presentation Video